Welcome to my World of Glass

In the following pages you can click on photos of indoor and outdoor glass sculptures, special glass wall sections, and installations of wall and free-standing glass sculpture.

The major part of the work is the kiln-formed glass.

Sheets of glass are cut and the design is built with the glass in the kiln. Many firings later the glass sculpture comes out of the kiln and is ready to become part of the finished sculptures.

I work in many sizes, both small free-standing. Glass sculptures can be less than 20 inches and large glass sculptures can be up to 8-10 feet high. My price range is in the low hundreds for the smaller glass sculptures to the low thousands for the larger free-standing glass pieces.

Many of the glass wall pieces are 3-4 feet wide and made with furnace-made glass cane, which gives a richness to the work. I work with many folks with special sizes and colors.

2019 Shows

Oct. 19 – 20 and
Oct. 26 – 27

Chestertown, Md.
50 artists studios open on tour
Sabra showing at :
Doug Ashley Realty
227 1/2 High Street

Nov. 22 – 24
Paradise City Art Fair
Marlboro, Mass.
Royal Plaza Trade Center
181 Royal Trade Plaza Dr.
Fri., 11-6, Sat., 10-6, Sun. 11-5.